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FQII takes an active part in a large-scale on-site publicity service activity "5.20 World Metrology Day"

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    In the morning on May 21, a large-scale on-site publicity and people-oriented service activity "5.20 World Metrology Day" held by Fujian Provincial Administration for Market Regulation is carried out at Fuzhou Wusibei Thaihot Plaza. FQII dispatches technical experts in the fields of construction materials and toys, etc. to come to the scene, to provide free quality consultation for citizens, answer questions for more than 40 people and give out more than 300 copies of data. The site of activity has warm atmosphere and the activity wins good social response.

    May 20 is World Metrology Day, commemorating the anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention in 1875. Metrology is the most fundamental guarantee for product quality. FQII serves as a third-party public testing technology service platform, insists on participating in public service activities on quality organized by government sectors for long term, and provides obligation consultation, direction for consumption and free answering, etc. for the public actively. FQII provides free quality service activities for citizens on the Metrology Day, which shows technical capacity of FQII and makes a contribution to promoting quality consciousness of citizens.