Machinery Products &Mechanical Component


Product CategoryStandard NumberName
Machinery Products &Mechanical ComponentGB/T1958 Geometrical Product Specifications(GPS)--Geometrical tolerance--Verification prescription
GB/T1031Geometrical product specifications(GPS) - Surface texture: Profile method - Surface roughness parameters and their values
GB/T3177  Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Inspection of plain workpiece sizes
GB/T24608Inspection rules for rolling bearings and commercial parts
GB/T307.2 Rolling bearings-Measuring and gauging principles and methods
JB/T 10450Bonded abrasive products—Inspection rules
GB/T 2485Bonded abrasive products - Technical specifications
GB/T17421.1 Test code for machine tools--Part 1:Geometric accuracy of machines operating under no-loador finishing conditions
GB/T17421.2Test code for machine tools--Part 2:Determination of accuracy and repeatability positioning numerically controlled axes
GB/T 16769  Metal-cutting machine tools - Measurement method of sound pressure level
GB15760Metal-cutting machine tools--General safeguarding specification
GB/T9061General specifications for metal-cutting machine tools
JB/T8832General requirements for numerical control systems of machine tools
JB/T8801Machining centres--Specifications
JB/T8329CNC bed-type milling machines--Specifications
GB/T4020Acceptance conditions for general purpose parallellathes--Testing of the accuracy
GB22997Safety of machine tools - Small numerically controlled turning machines and turning centres
JB/T 6600Numerical control portal-type boring and milling machines Specification
GB/T14384Woodworking machines - General specifications
GB/T15487Methods of flow measurement for displacement compressor