Electromechanical products testing department
Electromechanical products testing department
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Testing Scope



Small-power motor, Micro-machine, Direct-current machine, Motor for electric bicycles and similar use, Electric rolling shutters、 Control motors, Variable frequency motors, Small and medium size asynchronous motor, Permanent magnet synchronous motor, reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets, Synchronous generator, Generator of off-grid wind turbines generator system,etc.




Mini-pumps, Self-priming pumps, Waste submersible motor-pumps, Submersible pumps, Garden motor-pumps, Water supply equipment,etc.

Pump Sets

Power-operated pumps for diesel engines, Power-operated pumps for petrol engine.

Motor Tools

Hand motor tools, Sanders, Polishers, Hammers, Concrete vibrators,Garden tools.

Power Transmission Equipment

Oil-immersed transformer, Oil-immersed amorphous-alloy transformes with ferrite cores,Dry-type transformer,etc.

Wires and Cables

Electrical Accessories

switches: fixed switches for walls, switches for appliances, electronic switches, remote-control switches, intelligent switches

Sockets: fixed outlets for walls, outlets for appliances, floor socket-outlets,USB outlets, cord extension outlets,

Connectors: adaptors, appliance couplers.

Lighting Equipment


Indoor Lighting :ceiling lamp,Night-light, Reading lamp,Spot light,Chandelier, Luminaire for industry use,etc.

Outdoor Lighting: Road and Street Lighting, Foodlights,Tunnel Lamp,Underearth light,Garden lamp,Landscape Lamp,Guardrail Lamp,etc.

Public Lghting: Lamps and Lanterns for Subway, Airport, Stadiums, Classroom,etc.

Marine Luminaries: water light, marine electrical signal lights, marine searchlights,etc.

Accessories for Lamps: Ractor ballasts,Electronic ballast,LED controlgear,Electronic transformer,Terminal, Lamp caps and holders,etc.

Electrical lighting source

Self-ballasted lamps for general lighting services, Single-capped fluorescent lamps, Double-capped fluorescent lamps,Self-ballasted LED lamps,LED PAR lamps,LED strip lamps, etc.

Household Electric Appliances

Skin and hair care, Liquid heater, Electric water heater, Electric blanket, Electromagnetic stove, Indoor heater, Electric mosquito repellent, Electric heating bag, Freezer, Air conditioner, Fan, Food mixer, Range hood, Air cleaner, Water dispenser, etc.


Authorized Testing Lab for CCC mark ,CNAS accreditation