Electronic products testing department
Electronic products testing department
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Testing Scope

Consumer Electronics:

Computer, TV, Monitor, Projector, Server, Set-top box, Video recorder, Printer, Massage apparatus, etc;

Automotive Electronics (New Energy Vehicle Electronics, Vehicle Networking Electronics)

Vehicle entertainment system, Power battery system, Motor controller, Vehicle controller, DC / DC module, DC / AC module, Vehicle camera, Vehicle communication terminal, etc.

Wireless Communication Products

Mobile terminal (2g / 3g / 4g / 5g / NB-IOT), Data terminal, Short-range wireless communication terminal (Wifi / BT / RFID), Intercom, Router, Wired POS terminal, etc.

IOT Terminals

Smart appliance, Smart water meter, Smart manhole cover, Smart toilet, Smart street light, Smart smoke detector, Wireless Video surveillance, etc. applied in Intelligent security, Smart home, Smart agriculture, Smart city, Intelligent transportation and other fields 

Marine Electronics

Marine communication and navigation, Marine radio equipment, Marine lighting system, Marine UPS system, Marine motor controller, etc.

Medical Electronics

Hearing aids, Medical electrical equipment, In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) instruments and equipment, Medical software systems, etc.

Power Electronics

High-end power supply, Distribution automation terminal, Energy storage battery system, Energy storage converter PCs, Photovoltaic inverter, Charging module, High-end data switch, etc.

Satellite Navigation Products

Beidou navigation terminal, GPS navigation terminal, Glonass navigation terminal, etc.

Battery Products

Lithium Ion battery, Battery, etc.


Intelligent engineering, Security engineering, Computer room engineering, etc.


Software function, Software performance, Host configuration verification, Vulnerability scanning, Level protection evaluation, etc.


China Classification Society(CCS) authorized testing body for maritime electrical and electronic products Fujian provincial construction deparment authorized inspection body for building intelligent system