Electronic products testing department
Electronic products testing department
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Testing Scope

IT Equipment

Computer, Display Device,Projector, Printer,Cash Register/POS, Self-service Terminal, Commercial cloud terminal, Server, Ethernet switch,Finance and trade settlement electronic apparatus,IC machine,etc.

AV Equipment

TV,Set-top box,Earphones,Speaker,Recorder,Voice recorder,Audio power amplifier,Audio combination equipment,etc.

Teleommunication equipment

Telecommunication equipment: modern, fax machine, telephone terminal, mobile terminal, data terminal, walkie-talkie, etc

Vehicle electronic Products

In-car entertainment system,Vehicle information system,Vehicle navigation

satellite device, Vehicle bus system, Auto reserving system,Vehicle lighting system,Tyre pressure monitoring system,Vehicle electronic control system,etc.

Maritime Electronic Products

Maritime visual display terminal,Maritime MF radio apparatus,Maritime navigation system,Combined vessel-bridge system, Maritime luminaries,etc.

Intelligent Security System

Visual building intercom system,Burglar-alarm controler , Intrusion detectors,Vedio camera, Hard-disc video recorder, Monitors, Vehicle security alarms, Entrance guard products,etc.


China Classification Society(CCS) authorized testing body for maritime electrical and electronic products Fujian provincial construction deparment authorized inspection body for building intelligent system