Construction products testing department
Construction products testing department
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Testing Scope

Wall and Floor Coverings

Forest Products

Artificial Panels

Wood Flooring

Ceramic Tiles

Natural Stone


Wood Furniture

Metallic Furniture

Upholstered Furniture


Metal Material and Decorative Materials

Cement and Wall Materials


New Wall Materials

Bathroom Furniture


Shower Outlets for Bathing

Sanitary Ceramic

Shower Room

Intelligent Sanitary Ceramic

Accessory of Sanitary Appliances

Glass Product

Life safe &Security

Fire Fighting Equipment

Secure Safe Cabinets

Security Door    

Indoor Air Quality

Formaldehyde,benzene,TVOC,radon,ammonia and other toxic and harmful gases

Metal Material and Decorative Materials

Steel,aluminum,stainless steel,water heater,galvanized pipe,prestressed steel wire,steel wire rope,scaffolding,anchorage,clamping piece,welding electrode,Highway guardrail,upright,steel fiber,steel strand,Nonferrous metals and their products

Fire Control Products and Flame Retardant Products

Flame retardant building products,fire hose,fire control connector,fire nozzles,sprinklers,fire hose reel,fire extinguisher,indoor hydrant,outdoor hydrant,fire extinguisher box,siamese connection,pressure boosting and stabilizing type water supply equipment used for fire-protection


Authorized Testing Lab for CCC mark and CNAS accreditation