Electrical products testing department
Electrical products testing department
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Testing Scope

Low-voltage switching element:

Low-voltage circuit breaker;

Switches, Disconnectors, Switch-disconnectors and fuse-combination units;

Contactors and motor-starters- Electromechanical contactors and motor-starters;

Control circuit devices and switching element;

AC semiconductor motor controller and starters;

Control and protective switching devices;

Proximity switches;

Automatic transfer switching equipment;

Circuit-breakers for equipment;

Electronmechanical contactors for household and similar purposes;

Circuit-breakers for overcurrent protection for household and similar installation;

Residual current operated circuit-breakers with integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses(RCBOs);

Residual current operated circuit-breakers without integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses(RCCB);

Residual current devices;

Residual current operated protective relay;

Low-voltage fuses

Low-voltage  switchgear  assemblies:

Power switchgear and controlgear assemblies:Withdrawable switch cabinet, Fixed separation switch cabinet, Enclosed switchgear, Power distribution cabinet, Power distribution box and so on;

Busbar trunking systems:Busways;

Distribution boards: Distribution box, Electric power meters;

Assemblies for construction sites: Construction site box;

Assemblies for power distribution in public networks:Cable distribution box;

Low voltage reactive power compensation assemblies: Low voltage reactive power compensation cabinet;

LCharging post

AC charging post

Non-vehicle chargers

AC/DC charger (station)


Authorized Testing Lab for CCC mark ,CB certification and CNAS accreditation