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Foreign guests of the 2019 BRICs Think-tank Roundtable visited FQII for Investigation

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    The 2019 BRICs Think-tank Roundtable was held in Fuzhou, Fujian from October 19 to 20. On the morning of October 18, a research group composed of some foreign guests from India-China Technology Transfer Center, Brazilian Institute of Applied Economics, Russian National Institute of Higher Economics, University of Cape Town, South Africa and Federal University of Daba visited Mawei base for investigation. School of economics of Fujian Normal University, Relevant experts of Fujian free trade zone Fuzhou area and leaders of the management committee accompanied the investigation.

    The investigation team visited EMC laboratory, safety laboratory, environmental reliability laboratory, performance laboratory and other test sites of the National Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Electronic Information Produtcs, focusing on the development of inspection and testing service industry. This investigation team has deepened the understanding of FQII's testing technology, built a bridge for FQII to study the certification and inspection rules of BRICs countries, and laid a good foundation for the next step to promote the testing and inspection technology cooperation with BRICs countries.