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Acceptance of three provincial risk monitoring stations in FQII

Release time:2021-01-20 15:22:00 Source:fciiadmin Pagevie:

    Recently, Fujian Plumbing and Sanitary Product Risk Monitoring Station, Fujian Food Packaging Material Monitoring Station and Fujian Electronic Information Technology Product Risk Monitoring Station established by FQII have successfully passed the acceptance by the expert group. The acceptance is organized by Fujian Administration for Market Regulation and co-organized by the Secretariat of Fujian Product Quality Safety and Risk Monitoring Cooperation Network.

    Plumbing and sanitary products, food packaging materials and electronic information technology products are closely related to people’s lives, and their quality is directly related to people’s health and safety, so they have attracted social attention and common people’s concerns. In the further, FQII will continue to focus on industries with high social concern and high demand for people’s livelihood, such as sanitary ware, food packaging materials and electronic information technology products, give play to the technical advantages and experience advantages accumulated by FQII during long-term inspection and testing, carry out dynamic monitoring and timely early warning on product quality and safety and conduct assessment and research on product quality and safety status, so as to provide precise technical support for government quality supervision and people’s healthy life.