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Four proficiency tests in FQII have obtained satisfactory results

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  On March 11, FQII received a notice of the result of a wood-based panel proficiency testing plan issued by Research Institute of Wood Industry, Chinese Academy of Forestry, and four proficiency tests such as “CRIWI PT-2001 determination of formaldehyde emission, CRIWI PT-2002 determination of surface abrasion, CRIWI PT-2003 determination of bending strength (three-point bending) and CRIWI PT-200424h determination of thickness swelling rate of water absorption” participated by FQII have all obtained satisfactory results.

  People often come into contact with furniture made of wood-based panel products in daily life and workplaces. Among them, the formaldehyde emission and mechanical properties are important testing items to measure the quality safety of the furniture; the formaldehyde emission is directly related to human health and safety, and the mechanical properties will seriously affect the service life of products. The relevant standards of wood-based panel products in China have strict regulations on items such as the formaldehyde emission, the bending strength and the thickness swelling rate of water absorption.

  The result of the proficiency tests fully demonstrate that FQII has excellent technical strength in the test of wood-based panel products, which can provide accurate and effective data for administrative law enforcement of government departments and product quality evaluation of enterprises, and play an important supporting role in serving the quality upgrade of wood-based panel products.