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Two proficiency tests from FQII were satisfactory

Release time:2023-03-09 08:44:24 Source:fciiadmin Pagevie:

    Recently, FQII received a notification on results of a proficiency testing plan from Ningbo Customs Technology Center that two proficiency tests “Determination of Heavy Metal Contents in Plastics” and “Determination of Formaldehyde Contents in Coatings” participated by FQII were satisfactory.

    Heavy metals, which refer to metals with a density of greater than 4.5g/cm3, are usually difficult to be biodegraded, and are enriched thousands of times under the biological magnification of food chains. If heavy metals are accumulated to a certain extent in human bodies, they will cause chronic poisoning. Formaldehyde is determined as class 1 cancerogen by the World Health Organization; if it is in direct contact with the skin, it may cause allergic dermatitis, stains and necrosis; inhalation of high-concentration formaldehyde may induce bronchial asthma and cause respiratory edema, eye irritation and headache, etc.; long-term inhalation by pregnant women may cause fetal malformation. The determination of the above two proficiency tests can effectively control the contents of possible toxic and harmful components in plastics and coating products and protect human health.

    The satisfactory proficiency testing results reflected that FQII has excellent technical testing capabilities in the determination of heavy metal contents in plastics and formaldehyde contents in coatings, which can provide accurate, reliable, true and objective testing data for enterprises and the society.