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Fire Fighting Equipment


Product CategoryStandard NumberName
 Fire Fighting Equipment GB 3445 Indoor fire hydrant
GB 4452Outdoor fire hydrant
GB 3446Siamese connection
GB 4066.1 Fire extinguishing media--Part 1:BC powder
GB 4066.2 Fire extinguishing media--Part 2:ABC powder
GB 4351.1 Portable Fire Extinguishers-Prat1:Performance and Construction
GB 8109 Wheeled fire extinguishers
GA 86Simplified fire extinguishers
GA 95Service and scrap rules for fire extinguishers
GB 5135.1 Automatic sprinkler system--Part 1: Sprinkler
GB 5135.6Automatic sprinkler system--Part 6: Convention valve
GB 15930 Fire dampers for building venting and smoke-venting system
GB 6246 Fire hose
GB 15090 Fire hose reel
GB 8181 Fire nozzles
GB 12514.1  Fire couoling -- Part 1: General technical conditions for fire coupling
GB 14561  Fire hydrant box