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Successful holding of a friendly badminton match between FQII and Minjiang University

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    On the morning of March 28, as one of the series of activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, FQII and Minjiang University held a friendly badminton match at the Jinshan Badminton Hall.

    On the scene of the match, the players felt free and cooperated very well, and their superb skills made the whole match one climax after another, showing the spirit of tenacious fighting, positive attitude and health.

    Over the years, FQII has always focused on creating a positive, healthy and progressive cultural atmosphere. Various forms of recreational and sports activities not only enrich the spare-time life of cadres and employees, but also further stimulate the cohesive strength of the employees, which become the cornerstone of promoting the harmonious development of quality inspection.