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​Two proficiency tests from FQII were satisfactory

Release time:2023-03-14 15:13:31 Source:fciiadmin Pagevie:

     Recently, FQII received a notification on results of two proficiency testing plans from China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd. that proficiency testing results of “Determination on Contrast Ratio of Synthetic Resin Emulsion Coatings” and “Determination on Tensile Properties of High-molecular Waterproof Rolls” were satisfactory.

      The contrast ratio of coatings is an important indicator to measure the hiding ability of white and light-color coatings; the better the hiding ability, the larger the area of the painting. Products with low contrast ratios do not play the role of eliminating the color of the substrate. High-molecular waterproof rolls are flexible sheet waterproof materials prepared by taking synthetic rubber, synthetic resin or a blend of the two as the base stock, adding an appropriate amount of chemical additives and fillers, etc. and using the processing technology of rubber or plastics such as banburying, extrusion or calendaring. The tensile strength is generally above 3MPa, and the highest tensile strength can reach about 10MPa, which can meet the actual needs of the rolls in handling, construction and application. The above two determinations are important for quality assurance.

      The two satisfactory proficiency testing results reflected that FQII has excellent technical testing capabilities in the above two determinations, which can continuously provide accurate, reliable, true and objective testing data for enterprises and the society.