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FQII added a new testing qualification for AC contactors

Release time:2023-03-14 15:16:06 Source:fciiadmin Pagevie:

      Recently, FQII has successfully obtained the testing qualification of China Energy Efficiency Label for AC contactors.

      Energy efficiency labels are a type of information labels attached to products or the smallest packages of products to indicate the indicators of energy-using products such as the energy efficiency grade and the energy consumption. The establishment and implementation of the energy efficiency labeling system is of great significance to improve the energy efficiency of energy-consuming equipment, improve the energy conservation awareness of consumers, accelerate the construction of an energy-saving society and alleviate the contradiction of energy constraints faced by the overall construction of a moderately prosperous society.

      In the future, FQII will continuously consolidate the technical foundation of the laboratory, give full play to the advantages of the testing qualification of China Energy Efficiency Label, lead the quality improvement of energy-saving products such as AC contactors with energy efficiency standards and energy efficiency labels, and provide strong technical support for better protecting the interests of consumers, promoting the high-quality development of the industry and helping the national energy conservation work.