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FQII participated in the international CB proficiency testing and obtained a satisfactory result

Release time:2023-04-27 15:55:02 Source:fciiadmin Pagevie:

    Recently, FQII received a notification from the Australian IFM proficiency testing institution that the result of the international CB proficiency testing “22e26-1–Ball Pressure Test” participated by FQII was “satisfactory”.

    As a proficiency testing institution designated by the IEC System for Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE), the Australian IFM proficiency testing institution is currently one of the most authoritative proficiency testing organizations in the world. Ball Pressure Test is an important evaluation method for the heat resistance of non-metallic materials of electrotechnical and electronic products, and the state and the diameter of indentations are key indicators for material performance and are important performance testing items for low-voltage electrical products.

    The “satisfactory” result obtained in the CB comparison fully reflects the strong testing strength of FQII in low-voltage electrical product testing, and FQII has the rigor and reliability of carrying out testing for the supervision of government departments and the quality control of enterprise products, which indicates that the technical capabilities of FQII in this field have always maintained the international advanced level.