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Sending love in winter and celebrating the New Year- FQII went to Shan'en School to carry out joint voluntary public welfare activities

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    On January 24th, a group of 11 members, including the National "Youth Civilization Unit" from the Instrument Room of the Food Institute of our Institute, the National "Youth Civilization Unit" from the Electronics Institute (Fuzhou Cross Strait Advanced Manufacturing Technology Comprehensive Service Center), and the province-directly-governing "Youth Civilization Unit" from the Microbiology Department of the Food Institute, as well as some Party and Youth League members and volunteers from certain departments, came to the Shan'en School in Minhou to carry out the "Sending love in winter and celebrating the New Year" volunteer public welfare activity.

    During this activity, FQII's volunteers delivered urgently needed winter living supplies, daily necessities, and festive New Year decorations to the School and decorated them together. Members of the "Youth Civilization Unit" listened carefully to the introduction of the recent situation in the school from the teachers, and carefully understood the current difficulties to lay the foundation for future assistance.

    Since 2013, the "Youth Civilization Unit" of FQII has established a pairing assistance relationship with Shan'en School, regularly visiting the school to understand the actual situation, care about the living conditions of the children and solve difficulties for children with care and emotion. It also drives all staff to understand, care about and help vulnerable groups, effectively assuming social responsibilities, adhering to the fine tradition of helping the poor and needy, demonstrating the responsibility of young people, and unleashing the power of youth. In the future, the various youth civilization groups of FQII will continue to make sustained efforts, continue to invest with a high sense of mission and urgency in promoting youth qualities and striving for the vivid practice of the first-class standards in five aspects, fulfill their original aspirations and missions with practical actions, and dedicate love and warmth to the society.